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Exercise Fitness Tips

Making it all Count

A new beginning is upon us daily if we start counting each second, minute, and hour to live out our full potential. This article is going to discuss some exercise fitness tips but the keyword I want to focus on is count. You are probably sitting there thinking "What does count have to do with anything?" As the article goes on I will explain but also want you to continue to repeat that word to yourself as you read this. Let's get count into your mind so then it will be easier to jump into your actions.

Those few minutes in the morning when you wake up, make them count by rolling out of bed and do some light stretching and not hitting the snooze button. Waking up and doing a few exercises will awaken your mind, stretch your body, and also open your eyes to the new day. As you are doing your daily morning activities incorporate other exercise into the routine like doing squats in the mirror while you brush your teeth. While waiting on your breakfast or coffee to perk take a few minutes and do some pushups on the counter.

Throughout our daily routines no matter if we work or stay at home we eventually end up carrying something. Each time you have items in your hand use them as a weight. Make carrying things count as a part of your exercise for the day.

During breaks at work or commercials on TV take the time to do some sit ups or pushups. Standing also burns more calories than sitting so why not stand as much as possible and not only that add a few side steps. Just by stepping side to side or front to back will get your heart rate up a little bit and will provide you with more adrenaline which converts to more energy.

By adding these small exercise fitness tips to your routine you will be able to get in a workout because you made your time and lifestyle count. This will be in addition to going to the gym or if you incorporate enough stretching, weights, and cardio throughout your day into a regular routine the gym won't even be necessary.

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