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Nutrition for Fat Loss

In every health and fitness magazine that you buy you will see some fancy new diet that the writer guarantees will work but the truth is that these strict diets are usually only for a short period. True fat-loss comes from changing your lifestyle and not making rules that are too strict for you to keep.

If your body has too much fat it is because you are eating more calories than you burn every day and not what you eat once a week. That means that planning a cheat meal or ‘going off the rails’ for a day or two will not make you fat. Your body looks like it does because of what you eat every day.

Unfortunately most of America seem to think that they get fat from eating carbs but the truth is that you simply cannot continue to operate correctly without eating carbohydrates. The heart attack that the famous Dr. Atkins had recently is proof that we are not meant to survive only on fat and protein.

Carbohydrates will only make you fat if they are high GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates but there are extremely low GI carbs around and some of them are even called zero calorie foods because you require more energy to digest the carbohydrate that there are calories in the food.

A good example is a 250 calorie salad where the amount of energy required to fully digest the salad is more than 250 calories, this means you can eat yourself into a calorie deficit. It seems that the reason why the USA has such a high obesity rate is not because of the cheap junk food but because of simple lack of knowledge.

A change is lifestyle means a change in the way that you look at carbohydrates and that you become aware of low GI and high GI foods. How to identify low or high GI carbohydrates will be the foundation of any fat-loss program. But any fat-loss program or diet that you go on needs to be complete with healthy fats and good quality protein.

This only comes from thinking about what you are eating and planning your meals ahead of time and not popping down to the canteen for a quick burger or a pie when you are hungry. That only results in more calories dumped into your system than you will use which results in your liver depositing the excess calories as fat deposits.

With a simple eating plan with good quality fat and some easily digestible protein together with some low GI complex carbohydrates will guarantee fat loss. It takes a lifestyle change that only comes with planning because without a plan you plan to fail.

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