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Nutrition for Muscle Gain

Most bodybuilders are very aware that without eating protein on a daily basis any training that they do will be wasted as no muscle will result from that training. In fact if there is not enough protein your body will start to eat itself and you will lose muscle fast.

If you are thinking about what types of protein you need on a regular basis to gain muscle there are a lot more options than just beef or chicken. The cheapest form of good quality protein is eggs and any good bodybuilder eats eggs every day but there are other types of good quality protein.

For example beets which have now been shown in a clinical study to increase muscle as well as strength and power generated in a movement. The experts tell us it is because of betaine found in all beets that is an active ingredient known as trimethylglycine that improves liver function and also speeds up joint repair.

Another example is whole grain brown rice which is able to provide longer-lasting energy which will not only help to get you through a tough workout but will help you last longer during your day. Clinical studies show that brown rice will also boost your (GH) growth hormone levels.

A good source of protein is cottage cheese as it is high in casein protein which is a very slow digesting protein, best taken before bed as it will stop your hard earned muscle from being used for energy when you are sleeping. There are countless other examples that you can use to make sure that you are getting good quality protein on a regular basis.

Mixing your protein with the required carbohydrates that you need for your workouts will only come from planning ahead. If you run out of your apartment or house without thinking about what you are going to eat for the rest of the day you will simply not be able to get all the required nutrition you are going to need to gain muscle.

The same can be said for fat, which believe it or not you cannot gain any muscle without. Good quality fat is vitally important because without fat you cannot produce testosterone and without testosterone you cannot produce muscle. If you want to gain muscle you need a good mix of protein, complex carbs and good quality fat.

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