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What are Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are taken on a daily basis by more than half the American population and the most common supplement is the multivitamin. All supplements are intended to provide specific nutrients, which may not be consumed on a regular basis with a regular diet.

All of these recognized supplements include minerals, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids or any other amino acids as well as fiber which is considered a supplement even though any food you may eat has fiber of some sort. In the USA supplements are considered as food whereas in some countries all supplements are considered drugs or medication of some sort.

There are currently over 50,000 different dietary supplements available on the market and most of them should be avoided as according to the FDA (food and drug administration) and they say some are dangerous. It is important to note that the FDA also say that no supplement is on the market specifically to prevent or treat any and all diseases.

The US national institute of health has said that for those people who are not able to consume a balanced diet on a regular basis supplements "may have value." The reason they say that the majority of dietary supplements should be avoided is that people in good physical health should not take in any micronutrients as these are only for people who show a clear deficiency of some sort.

They did concede however that there is an exception, which is vitamin D that is now recommended in most Nordic countries because of the weak sunlight, but it should be noted that this is the only exception. The FDA has been regulating both the finished dietary supplement as well as the dietary ingredients used since 1953.

The FDA is the only regulated authority that can take any legal action against any company or manufacturer for altering or misbranding a dietary supplement before or after it has reached the market. It keeps a constant watch on any new dietary supplement launched in the USA.

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